Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Losing Face

  • In an effort to get off my ass and exercise, have some fun, and continue to study something I enjoy, I enrolled in a tap class through the county rec program.  It has been two kids, one career, and 20+ years since my last class but tap was always something I had fun doing and figured what the heck.  It was an excuse to buy new shoes.

    You know the scene from "Center Stage" where Jody takes a class she's never been to before and picks it up in two minutes and makes everyone else look bad?

    Yeah, that didn't happen.

    I was going to sign up for Tap Technique, but my friend, let's call her "Sandy" because that is her name, said that if I signed up for Tap 2, she would take it with me.  The description of Tap Technique clearly stated, "For beginners with no tap experience."  Tap 2 was for those with prior tap experience.  Ok.  My tap is really rusty and I wasn't great in the first place, but I would have a friend to giggle with.

    Of course, Sandy couldn't make it this week so I was on my own.

    I walked in and was greeted with a terse, "Are you Jillian?"

    "Yes, I'm Jill."

    "Jillian, why did you enroll in this class?  Where have you studied?  When?  Under whom?  You should not have enrolled in Tap 2, you should be in Tap Technique." Being greeted with a grilling did not bode well for the rest of the night.  I was further informed that because I did not learn her technique, I need to re-learn tap from the beginning.

    The other students in the class were very nice and welcoming, mostly women in their 60s that have been doing this together for five or so years. Very tight knit group except for one woman there my age, who, coincidentally, has a daughter in Batman's class.

    Tap 2 was not an accurate description.  Tap 47 might have been better.  Those old bitches could tap!  I did my best to keep up, but I did not do the steps the way that they did the steps and now I have to go to the beginner class this weekend. The assistant told me that I will probably be the most advanced in the class and that I should be in the 7pm class because I can always learn.

    I have brought shame and dishonor to my family by being demoted to beginner  class.

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  1. What is it with old women and tap class? We had a few in the one at the 92nd St Y, and they were super cliquey and had taken the class for years...but because it was New York, there were also a bunch of big firm attorneys in their 20s who were just excited to put their blackberrys down for an hour, and they weren't that great. The old Jewish ladies totally smoked them.