Monday, January 9, 2012

So, I almost lost a kid this weekend.

I was going to run our carpet cleaner over to a friends house and planned to take Robin. When we got outside, he threw a fit that he didn't like his shirt. It was a huge deal and he refused to walk to the car so I brought him back in the house, went down to the basement and told The Spouse I was leaving Robin at home.

When I pulled up to my friends house, The Spouse called to tell me that three people just returned Robin. The Spouse went upstairs to check on Robin, found the front door open, and saw Robin walking up the steps with three strangers.  He was found down at the busy intersection, looking for his mommy. The Spouse had no idea he was gone. None. 

In answer The Spouse's question, "Well, no, I didn't see him leave the house or chase after me."  Because I'm a totally neglectful dumbass of a mother who would do that?  Of course, The Spouse didn't ask the people which side of the road he was on, what he was doing, how long he was there, where all the people together or were they strangers to each other united in returning our child?  

Thank God for good people in the world.  Thank God that he wasn't abducted, or didn't wander out into the street.  

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