Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Here are my impressions of last night's State of the Union:

  • Like that Biden and Boehner are dressed alike. Better than the lavender Boehner wore last year.
  • I wish I had brownies.
  • I'd like to open a small business. Show me the money!
  • Nancy Pelosi did not wear a snuggie, rather appeared to wear a leopard print jacket that turned out to be metallic embroidery.  The snuggie was a good year.
  • Cantor has been secretly replaced by a wax dummy.
  • Lots of color in the crowd tonight. Used to be black, navy, and red. And Nancy's green snuggie.
  • Seriously, why didn't I make brownies? Oh, that's a nice blue on Marcy Kaptur.
  • I'm not watching on the HD tv so not sure what color Boehner is this year. 
  • Why does Sec Ed look like he had a stroke? Is it in bad taste to make stroke references? Too soon?
  • Kid, I don't care if you pooped. Mommy's working.
  • I'm an aspiring entrepreneur who needs financing to grow.
  • This is one of my fave nights of the year. Who says government isn't entertaining?
  • Crisis averted, I have thin mints.
  • Hillary is back to head bands. Don't love them on her. I think even Blair Waldorf would say no.
  • I'm waiting to join WW until post-The Spouse's birthday/Super Bowl. Ten more days to gorge, baby! Do I have to go to meetings?
  • Is it wrong to suggest botox for a few MOC? Its an election year, after all.
  • Now he's shitting on my dream of a big home I can't afford.
  • Woo hoo, ag reference! Lame spilled milk joke. But appreciate the shout out to farmers.
  • Biden looks like he needs a potty break.
  • Go Tom Coburn! I didn't see him. Still working the beard?
  • Ah, Lugar. I'm a fan, but he's an endangered species.
  • Is he getting booed for wanting to ban insider trading?
  • Note: I don't bundle campaign contributions. Or make contributions.
  • Like Hillary's pearls and broach. I was too distracted by the headband to notice an hour ago. Let's bring back broaches.
  • Iran: nanny nanny nanny goat.
  • So far, no catchy "Axis of Evil"-esque sound bite.
  • Michelle Obama stole Marcy's thunder by wearing that same shade of blue.  Better.
  • Queen Sheila has a slightly new 'do.
  • Very solid speech. Of course, I drank the kool aid before he started.
  • Robin's  brilliant analysis of Mitch Daniels, "that man has crazy eyes."
  • ‎My kid is a political prodigy,
  • yes, my three year old is watching the SOTU and Repub rebuttal. Not sure if he can watch the Tea Party's rebuttal to the rebuttal.


  1. LOL....Every time my 2 year old daughter catches any snippets of the Republican debates or gets a closeup of Newt's face she shouts "Wook, Mama, it's a bad guy!"

    1. That's funny! I don't subject my kids to the debates because I have enough problems getting them to sleep at night. I don't need them worrying about any of those jokers getting elected.