Monday, May 21, 2012

Awaiting the Stork

So, apparently, I'm pregnant.  I thought by this time in my life I understood the basics of the birds and bees.  As the mother of two, I thought I had an advanced degree in it.  Little did I know...

Yesterday, as Batman and I were walking through the parking lot to my tap class, the wind shifted my clothes.  He glanced at me, patted my belly, and told me there was a baby in there.  Wuh huh?  Excuse me.  "Mom, you have a fat belly.  When it gets too fat, you have a baby.  Your belly keeps more and more food in there until a baby comes out."

Gee, thanks.  That's good for my self esteem, especially since I have just lost ten pounds.  I guess I'll have to work harder at the weight loss.

The Spouse was not amused when I told him that I was pregnant.  But he didn't pass out, so that's a good sign.

Yes, this was a wonderful opportunity to begin the sex ed discussion with Batman.  But, in reality, we were walking into class and I didn't have the time.  I know, I know, it's time to break out the book and go over it.  I just hope he's not like Fudge, telling everyone from the mailman to the supermarket cashier.

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