Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Want a Piece of Me?

Friday morning during breakfast, the story finally came out. Batman has been punched daily by some kid named Bane, since before spring break. According to Batman, this started before spring break. Bane was calling Batman's friend stupid. Batman told the teacher and Bane punched Batman after he was punished, and told him he would hit him every day at school. And thus began the headaches, tummy aches, imagined illnesses, etc in a way to stay out of school. We repeatedly asked Batman if someone was being mean to him and he never said anything.

I called the school on Friday morning, but it was SOL day - as in, I was SOL because of the damn SOL tests. I didn't hear back from the assistant principal until after recess - during which Batman was hit twice. The pattern is that if Batman tells and Bane gets punished, he will hit Batman again in retaliation. Bane is a sneaky little shit, and has friends distract Batman, then sneaks up on him and hits him. This has become a source of entertainment on the playground. Thankfully, Bane is not in Batman's class, so this only happens at recess and joint class projects. The asst. princ. is well aware of Bane and his behavior, so Batman is not the only kid this is happening to.

Last night, Batman greeted me at the door by telling me that he was hit twice again. I called and left a vm for the a.p., but The Spouse and I decided that a joint show of force was called for. I researched the FFX Co. code of conduct and regulations, to find out both what Henry's rights were and what punishment steps were appropriate for Bane.

The three of us walked across the street and stormed the office. Or we would have, if we hadn't had to buzz for entry. The Spouse and I met with the a.p. while Batman waited in the hall, then his teacher was brought in. Finally, we brought in Batman to discuss a course of action. We agreed that Bane will be assigned a portion of the Gotham City P.S. playground and that Batman would get the rest. Batman was fine with this, and the a.p. told us that she, Batman's teacher, and Bane's teacher would be meeting about this problem.

I have not spoken to the parents. I don't know them and the school cannot disclose their info. I've asked around, but none of my friends seem to know who this kid is. In the old days, I would show up and threaten the little creep. In modern times, i have to show up and threaten the school. We were told that they cannot comment on Bane's punishment or where he is in the disciplinary process (not that we asked) due to privacy issues. As I said to The Spouse when we left the meeting, we had to check this box (as did the school). If Batman gets hit again, we see the principal. After that, it's the assistant superintendent. That seems crazy, for a couple of six year olds. Still, my kid should be safe and happy at school and we will do whatever we need to in order to make that happen.

I thought Batman would cry and scream about leaving P.S. 1, but he's asking if he can start his new school early and saying he doesn't want to go to P.S. 1 anymore. It's affecting him at home, with his other friends, and in the classroom.

The Spouse wants Batman to hit Bane back (as does every other man - my brother - involved) but Batman doesn't seem to want to.  And if he doesn't want to, or hasn't yet, then we have to go through the school.  But we gave him permission to hit back, so maybe that will help him?  Not that hitting is the answer, but nothing else seems to be working right now.

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