Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Father Knows Best. Really?

There is a reason that Mother's Day comes before Father's Day.  Can you imagine the fallout if women spent many hours, much money, and tons of effort to coordinate the perfect gift/day/outing and got a handful of crushed dandelions in return?  It would be ugly.  Very ugly.

I will admit that I had high hopes for my first Mother's Day.  After battling infertility, we finally had our magical miracle baby.  He was perfect and amazing.  Of course I would get something nice to mark the occasion!  The Spouse got me three cards and a burrito (not just any burrito, he would like the record to reflect, but a Chipotle burrito.  He went all out.  And a card EACH from him, Batman, and the dogs.  None of whom chipped in with effort or money.)  At bedtime, it was pretty obvious that a birthstone necklace or engraved pendant was not coming my way.  I was not crushed, but I was a little bummed.

I had already bought him a nice watch to celebrate his first Father's Day.  I couldn't return it, so I grudgingly gave it to him.  He was floored and moved by the gift.  It was something he had talked about wanting for years and was teary that it commemorated his first year as a father.  He still talks about how it was one of the best gifts he has ever received.  That grand gesture has not in the least affected the gifts he has given me on behalf of the children.  Last year, I received a body pillow.

This year, the kids are old enough to select their gifts for me, as long as The Spouse provides the ride to the store and the money to pay for it.  For Christmas, he chaperoned while they picked out dishtowels and a candle - because mommy always uses dishtowels.  The Dynamic Duo is nothing if not observant (except for when it comes to looking for their shoes.)  Maybe I'll get some napkins this year?

I have, however, found The Spouse the perfect Father's Day gift.  Thankfully, it's not expensive, so I don't feel bad getting him the perfect gift while I get napkins.

As always, I have received exactly bupkis from this, but feel compelled to post this disclaimer to get the FCC off my ass.  

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  1. Yeah.... the biggest plus I see to being a mommy on mother's day is getting to use pictures of my children for all mother's day gifts for MY mother (lets see, should this year be a mug or a reusable tote bag with your adorable faces plastered all over it?)