Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why I Support Gay Marriage

First and foremost, I support gay marriage because why should straight people be the only ones to squirm uncomfortably at Thanksgiving dinner as Aunt Gladys asks when they will finally meet a nice boy/girl, settle down, and get married?

For too many years, gay relatives have been allowed to relax and enjoy the hot brown-n-serve rolls, smug in the knowledge that after Uncle Hal had a certain number of beers and asked if "you still like boys?" they would not be put on the spot this year.  Meanwhile, the single desperate sister who was recently dumped and had no hope of anyone on the horizon would be grilled over the state of her love life, reminded she wasn't getting any younger, decline offers to meet the neighbor's boss' son, and try not to cry in her potatoes.  It's just not fair!

I have never understood what the issue is, really, but I'm fairly libertarian when it comes to what happens in the bedroom (between consenting adults, of course.)  I wonder about the perverts who are obsessed with what others are doing and want to outlaw it.  Frankly, my brain isn't creative enough to ponder situations and positions.

And why do religious conservatives preach that gays will go to Hell if they don't repent and change their ways?  Do they want gays to go to Heaven?  Because then they will have gay neighbors in the Kingdom of Heaven and that seems to go against everything they believe in.  But that train of thought takes us straight to the Westboro Baptist Church, and those fuckers are batshit crazy, in my humble opinion.

Shit.  Now they are going to protest my funeral.

Anyway, I've never been recruited to be gay.  No invitations for hot lesbian sex.  The idea of two women or two men pledging to be together forever does not threaten my little corner of the universe.  I'm pretty confident that even if gay marriage were to become legal in all 50 states tomorrow, I would still be married to The Spouse (who is a man, BTW).  So, to me, it's a non-issue.

Shrug.  Carry on.

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