Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starvin' Marvin

I stepped out for a fro yo this afternoon and was stopped on the corner by a representative for Children International, asking me if I would like to support an international child.  Sure! Why not?  I have two national children I support, and I'm in the market for a girl child.  The Spouse will eventually adjust, just like he did with two dogs and two kids.

I asked him where the children were.  Behind a window somewhere?  In a box on the back of a truck with a sign that says "Free to Good Home"?  I was mulling my options.  Do I want a little one or a big one?  Short hair or long?  Apparently, that was a non-issue.  It turns out that there are NO CHILDREN.  They are in other countries and you just send them money (sort of like my mom's husband's satellite dog, which he paid my grandmother to keep without ever meeting.)  Where is the fun in that?  How can I set a child up for a lifetime of therapy if they aren't in my own home?  I felt so cheated.

I looked it up and apparently CEO James Cook makes $450,000/year, which goes a long way in Kansas City - or maybe not as far as one would think and that's why he makes 10x more per year than the average staffer for the House of Representatives.  I decided that I would be better off continuing to support heifers internationally.  I loves me some worldly cows.

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  1. I was asked the same question when I was in New York on Tuesday. However, it was raining and I was quickly trying to grab lunch, so I declined her offer to stand out in the rain and discuss the issue and give her money. I do love being asked "Don't you care about the children?" The answer is -- apparently, not enough to get wet.